96% of small businesses use social media marketing (Social Media Examiner) but only 61% of start ups use social media for marketing (TNW News). Which is something that needs to change! 71% of people that have a good social media service experience are likely to recommend it to other (Ambassador) therefore why would you not be on a platform that can drive the perfect customers to your website?

Two in five small businesses do not have any marketing employees (Inc.) and our recommendation is not to get any. Not yet anyway. Why not take on an expert that helps businesses every single day. Trust someone that can work with start up businesses and take them to the next level.

Social treats was started by Deasha after years of travelling, working and learning. Finally it seemed time to start the business that had been the itch that couldn’t be scratched.

With years of experience in the industry running social media and digital marketing for other businesses and even teaching start up businesses how to do it themselves. It was time to draw on all that experience and build her own business.

There was no other niche that would be more appropriate than helping other start ups. After spending so much time with people launching businesses and realising the need to have someone to bounce ideas off it seemed logical to offer unlimited email support with every package to give each and every start up client the most support possible.