A dedicated social media manager is so important to you and your business. And I’m going to tell you a little bit of my backstory and how I came to this conclusion and why I know that everybody needs a specific social media manager within their business.

When I used to work in corporate years ago, back in Australia, it was the job of the office EA or the office manager to post on social media for the business, so they also had to make sure that everything else was done in the office, make sure that the CEO was looked after. After years of chasing my tail and trying to be jack of all trades. I knew that this was not the right way to go about it.

Marketing is such an important piece of the puzzle for so many businesses and social media marketing now is such an important piece of the puzzle that having somebody in your business that does it along with everything else that they have to do isn’t good enough. It’s not going to work.

Moving forward a few years, I worked in a digital marketing agency. Fantastic. I was doing marketing. I was doing what I loved and working with some amazing businesses. But something was broken. In a digital marketing agency space they are not specific. They are doing so many awesome things with so many clients, but the social media team are stretched. They are working with insurance companies, cake makers, psychics, watchmakers, meal prep companies, you name it, they’ve got a version of it on their books and they’re creating content for them. So again, I was thinking, this isn’t right. These people are not industry experts. These people are not actually immersing themselves in what they should be knowing for your industry.

So I took a step back and I started to create the Social Treats, what I wanted Social Treats to be, and what it was going to look like. And I knew that it was important for me as a business to have a specific niche, not only that I was passionate about, but I was enthusiastic, and knew a lot about, because I wanted to be able to be that industry expert for my clients so that they knew that they were putting their social media in the hands of somebody that they could trust. In the hands of somebody that they knew would ‘get’ their clients because quite often when we hand it over to a VA, or somebody who has a lot of other things on their plate, for example, they might not get your ideal client. They don’t have time to go into the nitty gritty and do exactly what it is that you need them to do for your business.

I knew that building Social Treats was going to be specific, the reason I picked wellness entrepreneurs when I was thinking about what I wanted to do was because I wanted to be passionate. I wanted to wake up every morning and know that my life was going to have a purpose, that I was going to be impacting people’s lives, that the work I was doing was making a difference. And having clients that are changing the world in all sorts of areas really, really sets my world on fire. It really gets me excited. It really gets me pumped and I am constantly reading new things. I have a client that is a health coach and I absolutely love doing the research for her, I find myself doing it on the side because I think, “Oh this would be good for her” and I’m reading it in my own time because I’m passionate about health and I’m passionate about wellness.

Same with my yoga clients. I do yoga and I’m always researching and checking out memes and following the same people so it doesn’t feel like work for me. It feels like an extension of my life and I think the reason you need somebody who is specific in social media as opposed to doing everything else in the corporate world or like a VA that you might’ve had in the past is because I understand the algorithms. I understand what is going on in the world of Facebook. I understand how to get engagement for you and how to ultimately drive the sales.

So having somebody that is specifically on Facebook day in, day out and is part of your business is going to change the direction of your business. It just simply will. Having somebody who is specific in your niche and is specific in the social media sector is so, so important. If you don’t have that, and if that’s something that you need in your business then book in a call, let’s have a chat. 

Have you had somebody before that is a jack of all trades? Have you tried to do it yourself and are not quite getting there? Let me know your thoughts on this. I’d love to hear from you, head over to the Wellness Entrepreneurs Group and share your thoughts with us.

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