You have probably heard about Facebook Messenger Bots, but chances are if you are doing your research, you have no idea what they are or how to get them working for your business.

Facebook Messenger Bots have an open rate of 88%

Yes, you heard right, 88%! They also have a click-through rate of 56%. If you compare that to email which has an open rate of 17%. Yes, you read correctly, 17%! And the email click-through rate is only 14%. After hearing these rates it’s no wonder why so many people now have Facebook Messenger Bots.

Email is obviously a fantastic tool for business and it’s something that is always going to be there. You also own the email addresses you collect But when you look at the stats above, they can’t be ignored and it’s something that you don’t want to miss out on.

There is a way to use Facebook messenger bots and collect email addresses, which is like gold in the eyes of the savvy marketer.

So, once you have a Facebook Messenger Bot how do you get your audience there? There are a few ways you can do this.

1. On your Facebook Page

When you are posting on your Facebook page there is a section where it says “send message” and people can send a message to you straight through your Facebook page. You can add it onto the buttons on your Facebook page at the top of the page.

2. In your Group

You can also do a welcome post when people join. For example, you can have a link for people to get a freebie and they can choose to receive it via Facebook messenger.

3. Comment Growth Tool

There is also a tool I that highly recommend called Comment Growth Tool. It’s made available through ManyChat. Through the Comment Growth Tool, you can set it up on current, scheduled or live posts. You can set it up automatically when someone comments on a post or even an hour after they make a comment. It can also be set up for when people comment with certain words or even when they don’t use specific words.

4. In Your Emails

Sending out links in your emails to your customers encouraging them to jump on your Facebook messenger bot is a great way of keeping them engaged and getting them active.

The Facebook Messenger Bots I have been setting up for clients have included an 8-day sequence that not only captures their email address and information in which you can use to send targeted promotions but also sends them to video and blog content that is targeted and useful for them specifically. All this is so much more than email alone could ever generate for you. If this sounds like a must have for you then book a call with me now! I would absolutely love to help you set up this technology.

If you want to see how the Facebook messenger bots work in action then send me a message and get my 10 ways to grow your Facebook Group Organically download. 

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