It can be challenging to keep up with the trends and what is predicted to occur in the future. So I wanted to have some fun and make some educated guesses into what could be happening in the future of Facebook and Instagram over the next year.

My predictions come from things I have picked up in Dublin at Facebook HQ in January, some of the amazing people that have secret insights to Facebook and my own insistence on growing my knowledge so that I can be the beacon of knowledge for my clients.

1. Stories will get their own app.

We know that Instagram stories is the fastest growing platform in the world. Facebook knows that people like quick content that disappears and doesn’t stay on social media forever. I think an app that focuses only on stories will be just around the corner. This will take down snapchat and will rule. With adverts now in stories, it makes commercial sense to seperate them out.

2. Longer form content on IGTV.

At the moment unless you have a verified account on IGTV you can only upload videos that are a maximum of 10 minutes long. Facebook is encouraging brands to use IGTV, have fun, be unique and create quirky content on the platform. IGTV has not been it has not been out a year yet and they are not really sure what it’s impact will be. One thing we do know is that this will not be going away anytime soon and I wouldn’t be surprised if adverts are not too far behind for this channel.

3. Facebook dating app!

We all know that Tinder and Bumble have done well, what if you didn’t have to leave the Facebook platform to find your future partner. This was something that was released in the very early harvard stages of Facebook but was pulled out. This would be very simple for Facebook to pull together and would give you the power to see everything about a person before meeting them for a date.

4. Community apps.

In the future I see Facebook having community apps that are location specific so that you can buy and sell right there similar to marketplace but also find local events, order food, taxis and anything else local. Most of these services already exist on Facebook, it would just simply be bringing them together to create more community in the app and allow people to meet in real life. In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg alluded to the need the need to have more community on the app so this could certainly be something in the future.

5. Advert pricing increases.

Gary Vee has been banging on about this for a while. We already know that the advertising space in Facebook has become double the price it was in 2017 and is continuing to rise as more and more brands use the platform for their advertising. If you haven’t already grown your brand on Facebook now is the time to do so before the prices increase again. Gary Vee believes they will get as expensive as TV advertising because let’s face it more people are on Facebook daily than they are watching TV now.

What’s the prediction you’d be most excited to see come to fruition in 2019?

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