You want growth in your business this year, you want to see your Social Media numbers going up but not just that, you want to see clients coming to you through your social media channels.

So what can you do to make that happen?

  1. Post meaningful content. I know this sounds “wishy washy” but post content that your followers are going to want to like, follow and share. This may be content that is about you or the really interesting article you think everyone should read. It could be a funny meme, graphic or a thoughtful post about how you helped others. If you get stuck then join my newsletter and get the social media calendar sent to you every month with great ideas on what you could post that month.
  2. Be Social. I know this may sound glaringly obvious but the first thing I notice about social media accounts is that people are not commenting back and engaging in the content that others are posting on their posts. This could just be an emoji or an acknowledgement on Instagram but if you engage they may just become a follower and then a client.
  3. Go Live! Live on Facebook is so important. It shows your audience that you are real, authentic and a human. I often go live straight from the gym, with no make-up on and with a messy background because I am real. I want to show up when I am inspired and not when everything is perfect. Share your story, share your life and share what you are learning every single day!
  4. Find groups that you love to hang out in and be active in them. Find out where your ideal clients are hanging out and be in those groups. Make sure you are providing value and content so that people can find you. I have had a few people reach out to me completely out of the blue and say I found you in a group and I would love to chat. Be you, and share often about how you can help people, give examples and give advice!
  5. Repurpose your content. You can reshare imagery on your Insta and in your group that you shared on your page. You can have a bank of content that you switch out and share when you need to and you can create new stuff all the time. I am a fan of Asana and Trello for this and have been using both to track content to go out. Then when I have nothing to post, I go in and see what I have not shared in a while.

I hope that this helps you get more engagement, numbers and ultimately clients in 2019. If it all seems a bit too much and you would rather hand it over to someone else, someone that can take the reigns and gallop into 2019 then book a discovery call and see how we could work together in 2019.

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