There is a lot to consider when thinking about marketing your retreat. The business structure and marketing should work very differently to any other business. After all people are coming to you for many reasons including relaxation, a lifestyle change or to change a bad habit. You are more than a hotel and your marketing should reflect that. So with that in mind here are our top tips:

  1. Be authentic. Be you, stick to being you as after all that is what will drive the ultimate ideal customer like attracts like. You will be working in close quarters with your customers so when they are at the retreat you will get to know them. It is unlike any other accommodation which can take a step back from the personality a little bit. 
  2. Put thought into your descriptions. Rather than just saying 5 nights accommodation you should include in your descriptions some romanticism. 5 peaceful nights accommodation in our stunning house with 100% cotton sheets and your own bathroom. 
  3. Ask for reviews. This is one of the most important steps in online marketing. People want social proof about your retreat. They want to know exactly what other people thought and what they can expect when they get there. 
  4. Be social. It is important that not only are you active in social media but you are also engaging with people. 69% of users are impressed when a brand likes their photos or comments, engages, shares their posts and really get to know the person. 
  5. Build an email list. Have a freebie that drives people back to your website at all times. Give them a reason to give you their email address and they will want to come back over and over again. Once you have that email address make sure you are engaging with them on a regular basis, monthly is fine but touch base in some way. 

There are so many different streams to think about when marketing your retreat and it is important to have the right team around you to make sure you truly are making the most out of your assets and driving sales. If you need help then flick us an email or book in a 30 minute consultation for a chat about how we can help you.

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