With the wellness industry being one of the fastest growing industries at the moment it is so important that your social media is standing out, keeping people engaged, really making a difference and of course driving sales.

There are a few key things that you can be doing as a business to make sure you are getting the most from your efforts.

  1. List events on the Facebook Page and engage with people there. If you only have a few retreats a month this is your moment to post within the event, ask people to invite their friends. Build excitement by posting “can’t wait to hang out with you” etc…
  2. Boost events on Facebook. These, at the end of the day are your big driver of revenue. As many people as possible should be able to see these. Make sure when boosting that you keep the target audience to exactly the ideal people that you want attending your event. There is no point targeting everyone in the area when some people will simply not be interested.
  3. Instagram should lead to your lead capture landing page. If you don’t have one, get one. On this page it will simply talk about the retreats, the benefits etc and then the dates they are available to book. This will mean the customer will not get lost or distracted on the website. They will do what you want them to do on the site. If you are unsure then test your landing page. There are a few plugins on WordPress that will do this.
  4. Make sure you post engaging posts that give people the vision of being at your retreat. What that would look like and what they would be doing. Ask people to tag their friends in posts. Create engaging, funny sayings and posts that people want to share with their audience.
  5. Be social. They are social networks after all. People like it when a brand likes, comments and interacts with them on networks both Instagram and Facebook. One of the main drivers of likes, comments and followers particularly on Instagram is down to engagement. That is the way Instagram have made it with their continuous algorithm changes.

We know that this takes a lot of time and effort especially for someone that is running around organising a retreat on top of all the other needs within a business. Which is why we recommend you outsource it. Make sure you get the right people on board to really push your business to the next level. If you would like to know HOW you can improve your social media or want to have a chat for some advice then please feel free to reach out.

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