There are many providers on freelancing sites that will guarantee you x amount of followers on various social media platforms. This is not something that I do and I like to lay this out to my clients from the start.

I am about creating honest organic followers, to me there is no point in having followers for followers sake if they do not care about your brand and not engaging in your content they are better off not being there. Many of these followers are fake accounts that are set up to give you numbers on your accounts. Yes it looks great in the short term but is not a long term approach. Social media sites are constantly evolving and changing their algorithms and these followers may disappear in the future.

Facebook changed their algorithms in 2014 to eliminate all accounts that were following pages that were no longer active. That means that if a user had their account deactivated for some reason they were still shown as liking your page. Many businesses saw a dramatic drop in page likes when these algorithms changed especially if the company had been around for some time. It is things like this that a professional would be aware off and be able to give you the heads up so that when you are viewing your monthly reports you are not surprised at the differences.

It is important to work with a social media manager that you trust to ensure that you are portraying the right brand for your business. Not only is it the face of the company it is a driver of quality traffic to your site. Check out our packages to see if you think we would be a good match for your business.

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